Peering Information

Peering Points
Optinium is present at the following public peering points. Connections are 100 Mbps Full Duplex unless specified.

Edge-IX AS39925    Manchester, UK

Peering Details

ASN 39925
Approx Prefix Count 1
Max Prefix Filter 10

Peering Policy

  • Optinium Internet has an open peering policy.
  • Optinium Internet are willing to sign contracts. We do not require our peers to do so.
  • Optinium Internet prefers to use MD5 on all peering sessions.
  • Optinium Internet advertise their as-macro as AS-OPTINIUM and have a suggested max-prefix limit of 10.
  • Optinium Internet requests a max-prefix recommendation from all peers.
  • Please direct all peering requests by email to "peering [ @ ]".
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