Datacentre Cooling

  • Our Manchester datacentre uses a high capacity DX cooling system. Refrigerents used are non ozone depleting. This ensures we have a perfect environment for our dedicated servers and virtual servers.
  • Close control in room air handling units feed air into the data centre at a constant 20c. With full redundancy in the cooling system we can take out any one unit and continue to maintain optimum operating temperatures.
  • High capacity floor grilles ensure sufficient cooling of racks upto 4KW.
  • All racks are laid out within the datacentre using hot and cold aisles to maximise the cooling effect.
  • The datacentre implements cold aisle containment to be more environmentally conscious
Technical specification at a glance
  • N+1 Stulz CyberAir DX - CRACS
  • Ultra Efficient - Precision Cooling
  • Dual Compressor - Each Unit
  • Dual Refrigeration - Each Unit
  • Air Flow 148000 M3/H
  • Total Heat Rejection 325.60 kW
  • Net Cooling Capacity 480 kW
  • Manufacturer Maintained
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