Datacentre Fire Detection & Suppression

  • VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) and conventional smoke detection systems are installed and continuously sample the air both above and below the data centre floor. VESDA monitors the entire progression of a fire - easily detecting fire long before smoke is visible and long before any other forms of detection.
  • Fire detection apparatus is connected to a dual stage alarm system giving engineers full warning before activation of fire suppression systems.
  • An Argonite fire suppression system protects all installed equipment against fire. Argonite works by removing oxygen energy from datacentre room.
  • We provide an excellent facility for our dedicated servers and virtual servers.
Did you know?
Argonite is also known as Clean Agent as it leaves no residue behind after its use. For effective fire suppression, it requires a concentration of at least 30% in a closed space. It extinguishes the fire by replacing oxygen in the air and hence smothers the fire. Due to its high concentration requirement, regular pressure checks are carried out in the datacentre to ensure.

Argonite is an inert gas that extinguishes fire based on the principle of oxygen depletion. In a closed space almost all fires are extinguished in less than 60 seconds when the oxygen concentration falls below 15%. Argonite reduces the oxygen concentration to approximately 12.5%, an acceptable level for human exposure over short periods of time. In occupied spaces, people can breathe Argonite at extinguishing concentrations without fear. There are no toxicological factors associated with the use of Argonite. Argonite will not decompose or produce any byproducts when exposed to a flame from a fire condition.

Argonite is an inert gas blend consisting of a 50:50 mixture of two gases found naturally in the atmosphere: Argon (Ar) and Nitrogen (N2). It is environmentally neutral, having zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) and zero global warming potential (GWP).

Fire Security specification at a glance
  • VESDA Early Warning System (VESDA)
  • Argonite Fire suppression
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