Managed Hybrid Server

We offer fuly managed Hybrid Servers with comprehensive management support package to suit your needs. Our Windows based Hybrid Servers use Hyper-V Technology to virtualise either Windows or Linux virtual machines.

As hardware prices fluctuate daily please contact us for a competitive quote based upon your requirements.

Our Support

Here at Optinium, we are commited to always giving you the highest level of service. As our customer, we will work with you to maintain your server and your applications to keep your business accessible 24/7.

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Hybrid Server Benefits

A hybrid server combines the performance gains of a dedicated server with the flexibility of a cloud server - virtual machines running on dedicated servers. The basic benefits of a typical dual Hybrid Server setup are outlined in fig. a:

Hybrid Server Diagram

In this setup, two decicated machines (SERVER A and SERVER B) are each running two live Virtual Machines (VMs) which are being replicated to their 'sister' server. VMs 1 and 2 are running live on SERVER A with VMs 3 and 4 running live on SERVER B. They are replicated over to their opposite servers and kept in a state ready to run. We often site sister servers in isolated racks adding a further level of redundancy within our datacentre.

Should either SERVER A or B fail, the other is capable of running all four VMs, with minimal downtime. Each VM has it's own dedicated resource allocation so performance is optimal.

Unlike other setups, these VMs have their own dedicated storage. When VMs use shared storage pools, problems always present themselves when attempting to fail over to another VM. With our setup, none of these problems will occur.

The virtualization technology we use in our Hybrid Servers supports multiple replication destinations. In fig. b below, SERVERS A and B are replicating their running VMs to both each other and to an offsite server:

Hybrid Server Diagram Offsite

Not only does this setup have redundancy of server hardware, it also has site redundancy. If the entire datacentre loses accessibility, all four VMs are kept ready to run in an offsite location. These mirrors can be running your application at a moments notice and regular backups can be taken just as easily with this platform.

The benefits of hybrid servers quickly become clear when you take into account the performance gains of dedicated servers with the flexibility of virtual machines. For medium to large businesses this is a very popular setup and one we would reccommend over most others.

Included Features

IP Addresses
4 IP addresses included - 1 useable. More on request
Private VLAN
If you have multiple servers we will allocate your own private VLAN on the public network and connections to our Gigabit private network for free server to server traffic
Full Administrator Access
Full access via remote desktop (RDP)
100% Network Uptime
We guarantee our network will be up 100%. Please see our company information pages for more information
24 / 7 / 365 UK Support
Online & email ticket submission for operating system issues

Advanced DNS
Our server customers can use our DNS servers including support for advanced records
Hardware Firewall
Our servers come firewalled to secure communication in and out of your server
UK Data Centre
All our servers are housed in a purpose built datacentre in Manchester UK
Managed Firewall Updates
We do any firewall rule changes on your behalf to make your life easier!
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